NATURAL ATTRACTION (2015) | Full-CG short film 
CONSCIOUS EXISTENCE (2018) | 2D CROP from Full-CG 360/VR short film 
MICHAEL JACKSON | CGI Sequences (2022) | Documentary Series
BEETHOVEN VR | Full-CG 360°-sequence for VR application 
LONGING FOR WILDERNESS (2016) | Full-CG 360° short film
INNER SPACE (2013) | Full-CG festival trailer
START WATCHING (2012) | Full-CG spot 
Abstract data visualization with particle effects
Organic data visualisation with particle effects
Emergence of a ring for Wempe| Full-CG sequences for image film 
Animation sequences for Sigrist image film
3D Matte-Painting/set-extension and compositing for PARIS YOU GOT ME (2018) 
Particle effects for JAB spot
SUBTLE BLISS | 'Tranquil Breath' - Magical guided breathing
SUBTLE BLISS | 'Strange Attraction' - Binaural soundscape visualisation
SUBTLE BLISS | 'Crystallized Time' - Binaural soundscape visualisation
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