Inner Beauty Poster Artwork by Marc Zimmermann -

INNER BEAUTY – Poster Artwork, Making-Of



Inner Beauty Poster Artwork by Marc Zimmermann -

Using their inner beauty to embellish the world – that is what creatives do. We are all creatives in some way and can use our creativity paired with passion, an urge coming from the bottom of our hearts, to make the world an even more fascinating and compelling place to live in.


For the latest poster artwork Inner Beauty I teamed up with creative fountain and body painting artist Julie Böhm, beautiful model and actress Cuyén Mai and talented photographer Samuel Gall.


Julie is the best example of a creative I can think of that really lives what this artwork is about – she embellishes bodies, canvases and moreover the people around her with her bright and playful character.


Julie Böhm and Cuyén Mai
Julie Böhm and Cuyén Mai

For the poster artwork I asked her to create a body painting that would spread from the heart as the center of creativity over the rest of the body towards the ground which starts to bloom fructified and nourished by passion and imagination.


This was the initial speed concept I created in Photoshop:


Inner Beauty Speed Concept
Speed Concept


The evironment is once more inspired by the icelandic landscape with its airy feeling and places of mossy fields.


Based on this idea Julie created the body painting. We used an LED-disc to get the illumination coming from the heart. This is what the body painting looks like extracted in Photoshop. I created a mask for it to control its color and glow.

Body Painting by Julie Böhm - extracted
Body Painting by Julie Böhm – extracted



To have maximum control over look and distribution of the flowers I decided create those in 3D and scatter them on a sculpted foreground created with CINEMA 4D. I generally like to use CG elements mostly as a rough base and do as much tweaking as possible in 2D. This is the case for both stills in Photoshop as well as for animations that I composite in After Effects, since that is usually much faster than a render – tweak – render – tweak – workflow in 3D. For that reason I rendered the foreground with different textures in order to blend those as needed with a slope mask and painted photoshop layer masks.


Sculpted 3D Soil
Sculpted 3D Soil

The flowers were scattered on the ground with a MoGraph cloner in combination with a shader effector for the distribution and a plain effector for gradually decreasing the scale.


Inner Beauty 3D Flowers
3D Flowers



In the concept I didn’t yet decide if the girl has open or closed eyes. So Sam photographed both versions and later I went for the one with closed eyes, since the theme of the artwork comes across much better with that more meditative state of mind, focused on the inner world as the origin of creativity – driven by passion and imagination.


A big thanks again to Cuyén, Julie and Sam – all of them inspiring creatives who are great to work with! Be sure to check out their work at | (Samuel Gall) and (Julie Böhm).


Prints of Inner Beauty on poster, canvas and more are available here: RedBubble



Have a creative day!




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