Expanding Consciousness - Poster Artwork by Marc Zimmermann



Expanding Consciousness - Poster Artwork by Marc Zimmermann
Expanding Consciousness


Inspirational Thoughts

Who are we? How did we come into existence? Why does the universe exist after all?

What if the meaning of life – or in other words the purpose of all existing life forms in the universe – is to solve that exact mystery?
What if the universe as a whole with its aspiration to form living matter is on a vast journey towards its enlightenment? A journey that is only possible with the advent and ongoing evolution of consciousness.


Our senses enable us to perceive – its appearance, its beauty – but only our consciousness helps us to understand, to put into context and to appreciate it all. And finally our self-aware mind makes us question and try to get to the bottom of things by fueling our constant urge to unravel.

And the same way we are striving to know who we are, the universe as a whole might be on an existential quest for self-awareness and we are part of it.


The universe bears life, life grows to consciousness – the expanding consciousness and awareness will shed light into the universal enigma.


We are destined to grow and expand our consciousness every day. We investigate the world around us to finally know what ‘holds the universe together at its innermost folds’. No one can know everything as an individual. But we as humanity, we as life forms here and elsewhere, we as the universe – as collective consciousness – might be able to.


If everything in the universe strives towards forming living conscious matter on the extensive quest for self-knowledge, then it is our fate as the (so far known) highest conscious stardust born beings to experience, experiment and explore – to find out everything. We are programmed to solve, to riddle and to create for this purpose.
We as children of the universe are continuing the creation on its behalf. As scientists we create the means to explore by extending our senses, which by itself only perceive a fraction of reality. As artists we can create inspiration and raise awareness to advance the journey towards self-concept. We all have a precious and unique gift in ourselves enabling us to contribute. The universe’s quest is our quest.


One way to get to know our own part in this world is meditation. You might have discovered the reference to the Bodhi Tree in the picture, the place where Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment. The expansion of consciousness starts on the inside. Our inner space is waiting to be discovered before we can confidently embrace our role out there.


Why am I writing all this? Because it is one more reason to explore the world!

Let’s be grateful and appreciate the opportunity to be conscious living beings with the ability to hold within our minds the boundless beauty of the universe.

And I don’t only write this because I think everyone else should be doing it – but because I know I should. It’s easy to get lost in your own world and loose track of life and its infinite diversity. After all a big part of art is being therapy for the artist. 😉


Of course I’m claiming nothing here. But since I find that whole hypothetical construct highly inspirational I thought it might be worth sharing with you.


Um, but wait there is one more thing… what happens if we finally solve the mystery?  What when we know everything about where we are coming from, unraveled all dimensions and discoreved every elementary particle? Will the meaning of life just vanish?

Well, this might only be the first chapter. Once we know who we are, then – and only then – humanity can (supposed it makes it and proves to be the highest intellectual being) really ask where it will be going.


I guess there are as many possibilities for this as galaxies in the universe. Maybe the grand context will be so revelatory that we can’t even get a grasp of it yet and the way to continue might be as obvious. Or once life forms know and understand everything about the structure and manipulation of matter and energy they might be able to change the rules completely, maybe rewrite the laws of physics, build a whole new environment and will even have to create their own meaning?

But whatever may come once the universe – once life – eventually knows why and what it is – there are first things first:


Let’s expand our consciousness – let’s explore!


I wish you an inspired day!


‘Expanding Consciousness’ is available as print HERE.

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