A Mind Full of Fruits


 A sprout in your mind

sown by inspiration

nourished by passion

and imagination

bears fruit growing

from idea to creation

– Marc Zimmermann


We are all creatives. Our minds are inspired by nature and our surroundings. And so is our ability to imagine which together with a force coming from the bottom of our hearts – driving us to experiment, explore and experience – makes us creative beings. Beings with the urge to form ideas into creations that have the power to make the world an even more fascinating place to live.


My passion is with visual art that transports emotions, feelings and concepts, especially in connection with environments – those versatile spaces with the potential to captivate. Moreover I’m fascinated by the world of sound, written words and many other art forms.


With this blog I invite you to follow and join my creative journey. I will share my artwork, experiments, inspiration, process and what I learn on the way. And I hope the paths of our creative quests won’t have crossed for the last time today.


Let’s grow some fruits together!