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Marc Zimmermann - digital artist with a passion for Matte Painting, digital environments and visual effects.

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Marc Zimmermann

* born 1990 in Dresden, Germany
* 2008/2009 internship Artificial Illusions Film OHG, 6 months
* 2009 internship AVANGA Filmproduktion GmbH, 6 months
* 2009/2010 3D Artist AVANGA Filmproduktion GmbH, 12 months
* 2010-2015 Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction at the Filmakademie Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Diploma in Animation
* since Oct. 2014 freelance Digital Artist

My passion lies in creating and extending environments for motion pictures, either fully computer generated or as so-called digital matte paintings, by the means of different techniques like painting, photo-manipulation, digital sculpting, 3D-modelling, -texturing, -lighting, -rendering.

I also love bringing those environments to life by using camera-mapping and compositing tools, adding effects and integrating the digitally created material into live action footage.

Another passion of mine is to create short audio-visual artworks or spots, where I do everything from concept to compositing and sometimes also sounddesign and music. The focus then is mostly on the environment, which can even become the protagonist.

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Latest Personal Project: Conscious Existence - Virtual Reality